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Drupal 7 Module Development


This two day course provides the key knowledge and skills for PHP developers to create safe and robust custom modules that extend the core functionality of Drupal 7. This course is focused, engaging and enjoyable and you will come away feeling confident and enthusiastic about building your first Drupal modules. We cover: the Drupal architecture (and how custom modules fit in); the major Drupal Hooks; the key APIs (including Form and Database APIs), creating custom database tables and much more.

During the course you will build a working custom module that further extends the functionality of a popular existing contributed module by implementing that modules API (a very common real-world coding workflow).

N.B. If this course is not scheduled - no worries - simply contact me and I will schedule it and when confirmed on receipt of your booking/payment it will run on your chosen date - guaranteed.


PHP Developers.


PHP development experience essential, along with some experience with SQL. Basic Drupal experience is desirable.

Course Outline: 

In this Drupal course we cover:

  • Tools for Drupal module development
  • The Drupal "Devel" module
  • Finding your way around the Drupal API documentation
  • Anatomy of a Drupal module
  • Drupal's event-driven hook system
  • Overview of the Drupal menu system
  • Page callback functions and URL arguments
  • Extending a contributed module with your custom code
  • Understanding the Drupal Render API
  • Tips for writing secure code
  • Integrating with the theme system
  • Drupal's Form API
  • Configuration settings form for your module
  • The database layer in Drupal 7
  • An introduction to Git (the version control system used by
  • ... and more besides


  • You will feel confident in tackling your first Drupal custom modules.
  • You will understand how to extend/adapt the functionality of both Drupal core and contributed modules.
  • You will understand the Drupal API and how to navigate the API documentation effectively.
  • You will know how to get answers to questions effectively moving forward.


  • Attendees provide their own Internet-ready laptop (Drupal installation is included as part of each course).
  • Attendees should have reasonably significant PHP coding experience.

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