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Drupal Theming


Drupal theming allows you to present the content of your Drupal website in a stunning, effective and user-friendly way. Through this introductory Drupal theming course attendees will discover how to theme/skin a Drupal website. The key tools to assist themers will be covered along with the most powerful base themes that allow a standards compliant and responsive theme to be built rapidly for both large screen displays and mobile devices.

N.B. This standalone training day can also be combined with the Advanced Theming for Drupal day to form a comprehensive 2 day "theming" course.

N.B. Unless otherwise indicated - this course is based on Drupal 8. If you require training on Drupal 7 please contact me and I will be able to schedule that for you.


Web designers and developers who need to produce a custom look and feel for their Drupal websites.


Some knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is desirable but not essential.

Course Outline: 

Following this course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the Drupal Theme Layer
  • Appreciate current trends in theming - particulary "responsive theming" (mobile devices)
  • Understand theming alternatives
  • Prepare a site for theming
  • Sub-theme and modify existing themes
  • Build a custom Drupal theme from a given design
  • Use key browser plug-ins and helper modules
  • Work with and customise theme template files
  • Add regions to the page template
  • Customise node templates
  • Understand key page template variables
  • Work with "responsive" / "mobile-first" base themes
  • ... and more besides


  • Following this course attendees will be confident in tackling their first theming project for Drupal.
  • Attendees will understand all the options for creating a responsive Drupal theme.
  • Attendees will understand the power of the Drupal theme layer.
  • Attendees will know how to find answers to questions efficiently moving forward.


  • Attendees provide their own Internet-ready laptop (Drupal installation is included as part of each course).
  • Attendees simply need to be comfortable using a computer and a browser (downloading files from Internet etc.)

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