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Drupal Training Series


Benefit from a series of four carefully designed Drupal training days that fit together perfectly to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Drupal along with the key skill-set needed to be able to tackle quite complex Drupal websites (and all without coding).

The three courses that make up this series can be attended perfectly well in isolation to the others - as long as "Drupal in a Day (an introduction)" is attended first - as it is the introduction. This means you can attend individual courses as and when it suits you.

If you need to train more one member of staff and you would like them to attend more than one of my courses consecutively - then I will be happy to schedule such a more time-compacted training series for you, and perhaps deliver it privately at your place (if that is more convenient for you). Just get in touch.

N.B. Unless otherwise indicated - this course is based on Drupal 8. If you require training on Drupal 7 please contact me and I will be able to schedule that for you.


All new to Drupal who want to gain comprehensive knowledge of Drupal and acquire key skills.


No prior experience with Drupal required (NO coding experience/skills needed). Experience with CMS systems, CSS, HTML & PHP useful but not essential.

Course Outline: 

DAY ONE: "Drupal in a Day (an introduction)"
DAYS TWO & THREE: "Drupal Site Building"
DAY FOUR: "Drupal Theming"

On day one the series starts with a broad ranging introduction to Drupal - "Drupal in a Day (an introduction)" - equipping attendees with a firm grounding in the basics of this powerful website building framework (no coding skills needed).

Day two/three - "Drupal Site Building" - takes you deeper into the detail of Drupal - focusing on the key modules - Field and Views. You will learn how to define your own custom content types with the Fields UI and how to query Drupal using the powerful Views module (and helper modules) to display content in just about any way you wish (all without any coding). A thorough understanding of these modules is essential for all but the most basic Drupal websites. You will begin to build logic into Drupal using the Rules module so that your site can react intelligently to events and you begin to really appreciate the awesome power of Drupal as a website application framework (all without any coding).

We also cover the flexible "Flag" module too and how Flags can trigger Rules and how Rules can set Flags. Layout with Panels is introduced along with the awesome Features module - allowing you to re-use your configuration across sites and aid deployment.

We wrap the series up on day four with "Drupal Theming". You will discover how to theme/skin a Drupal website. The key tools to assist themers will be covered along with the most powerful base themes that allow a standards compliant theme to be built rapidly for both large screen displays and mobile devices.

Completing this four day series will provide you with the essential skill-set to allow you to build really impressive Drupal websites quickly (all without any coding).


  • You will feel very confident in tackling your first Drupal site builds.
  • You will be able to appreciate what can be achieved with Drupal.
  • You will have the necessary skills to begin your Drupal site building career.


  • Attendees provide their own Internet-ready laptop (Drupal installation is included as part of each course).
  • Attendees simply need to be comfortable using a computer and a browser (downloading files from Internet etc.)

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