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Fees & discounts

Do you have more than one member of staff to train on Drupal?

If yes - it makes sense to try and send them on the same training course - as you can benefit from the significant discounts detailed below.

N.B. If you have three or more team members to train on Drupal - then you might want to consider booking me for a private training session. That can be tailored to your needs and, if requested, delivered to you at your place anywhere in the UK. You can find out more about customised Drupal training workshops here.

Fees & Discounts

No. of Attendees Fee (per attendee | per day) Discount (per attendee | per day)
1 £600.00 £0.00
2 £500.00 £100.00
3 £450.00 £150.00
4 £400.00 £200.00
5 £350.00 £250.00
6 £300.00 £300.00